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Web portal and custom solutions

Web portals or Custom solutions are time and cost-effective way to bring your idea to life or automate your business, without going through the tough process of design, project management, implementation and hosting of the software solution.

In software, a Web Portal or Custom Solutions are products or services designed and built to a fully operational form such that it is ready to operate. Our technical experts develop Custom solutions that are specifically tailored, cost and time-effective, hassle free and ready-to-use software solution solving your business problem.

The features we offer

Specifically tailored

Custom solutions are specifically tailored to meet client’s needs. we analyse the needs, find solutions, design, plan and develop the solution addressing your needs. we have a thorough understanding of developing the right portal and Custom solution for your business need.

Cost and time efficient

A custom-made software has all the business needs included but requires a higher time period for design and implementation and cost a huge investment. We have experience and expertise to develop cost and time effective solution by re-using common in-house components and modules we have developed.

Cloud Native (Azure)

Cloud computing has become the ideal way to deliver applications—and the preferred solution for companies extending their infrastructure or launching new innovations. We use Azure cloud to host web portals and Custom solutions leveraging the benefit of the platform and cloud in general.


Cloud computing is the on-demand delivery of IT resources over the Internet. Instead of buying, owning and maintaining physical servers, cloud computing makes them available on as-need basis. The solution deployed on cloud can be scaled up and down quickly to the user demand.


Having been developing portals and software solutions for long, we not only design the web portals and solutions addressing today’s need but also keeping it extensible to address future needs. We create a solid architecture base that ensure we can build future features on the platform.


You have to make investments when developing a Custom solution for your business, reliability & trust are important factors while making such investment. That’s why it’s so important to approach a company who can ensure the necessary reliability & trust. We assure you both.


In today’s digital world, your potential customers can be across other part of the world or may be speaking another language. Creating a multilingual app helps you grow you user-base and eventually grow your business.

Passion to find solutions

We are passionate to find solutions to our client’s problems. We strongly believe that many complex problems have simple solutions, one just needs to look deep enough to see them. We are focused on finding solutions for our clients.


A reliable technology partner provides post project support to safeguard your investment in building a Custom solution. We will support you not only in finding solution to problems in development phase, but after the solution has been live. We will always be there.