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About us

About Desuvit

Desuvit was born with the vision of providing medium size businesses the IT expertise and guidance needed to help them grow through technology.

As professional IT business specialists we noticed companies managing projects with high time and resource wastage during the development process. We realized that our pooled technical skills could provide better quality, communication, automation, and responsiveness. We help medium sized businesses grow, save time, and increase profits through technological business development.

Desuvit came into full operation in 2018 and since then we have helped multiple medium size businesses in their growth by developing SaaS Solutions, digitalization, mobile apps and helped startups to bring their idea to life. Over these years, we have constantly improved our processes, technology toolkit and understand our clients better, so we can help our clients in best possible way to grow their business.

Our Values



Our passion is to help our clients achieve their goals by understanding their needs and providing smart SaaS solutions to their problems. We strive to deliver our clients more than their expectations every time.


Nothing matters to us more than our client’s success, we guide our clients to achieve it. We always try to improve the quality of our services by exploring innovative ideas and new technologies.


As a forward-looking SaaS Solutions provider, we are focused on providing every solution blending with the right expertise, client’s needs, and current technology trends.


Quality matters, and we strongly believe about it. We have established strict quality control processes that ensure that whatever product/service we deliver adheres to high quality that our client desires.


We believe in establishing long and trusted relationships with our clients, that is more than a business transaction. It takes time to build a trusted relationship, and we are ready to go extra mile to achieve it.


Our developers and support team are always dedicated to making sure your business runs as smoothly as possible.

Our Engagement Process

Project Acquisition / Start

  • 1. We Listen To Your Needs
  • 2. We Analyse Your Requirements
  • 3. We give Quote based on the Requirement
  • a. A Fixed Price
  • b. Time & Material (with rough estimation)
    Developer hourly/monthly cost
  • 4. Sign the Contract / Get Greenlight to Start the Project
  • 5. Setting up the Project
  • a. Milestone based project plan (prioritized features)
  • b. Setup test server (for web-based projects)
  • c. Setup test apps (iOS/Android) – so they can be installed right on the mobile to see the progress.

Project Implementation (Continuous)

  • 6. Continuous Progress Updates (Agile Project Methodology)
  • a. Continuous Integration / Deployment of the new features
  • b. Every line of code goes through peer review.
  • c. Get’s deployed to test servers instantly to see the progress.
  • 7. Weekly Demo
  • with the client to sync up and ensure the team
    has understood and implemented the right business requirements
  • 8. Quality Control
  • a. Standups
  • b. Pair programming
  • c. Team Testing
  • d. QA Testing

Project Comepletion Process (Going Live)

  • 9. Milestone Monitoring and Tracking
  • a. Project Management dashboard
  • b. Weekly Demo
  • c. Test servers/apps
  • 10. Final Delivery
  • a. Monitoring
  • b. Support
  • 11. New features (version updates of the product)
  • Constant updates of the products with new features and changes to existing versions

Technologies We Use

Below are some of the technologies we work with.

Not only we keep ourselves updated with the latest technology and trends, but we use them in the best possible manner to benefit our clients.


React Native


React js


Microsoft Azure



Ms Sql

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