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From Paper to Paper-less Digitalized Solution


Get Grocery GmbH

Our client is a leading grocery store in Europe, which offers high-quality food and grocery items. They established their grocery store in 2010 and now this online store has become #1 online Indian grocery store in Europe. They reached out to us to create an IT System for paperless timesheet management and a centralized platform for developing further features on it.

Get Grocery GmbH


The goal was to move to a cloud-based, digitized system, where attendance tracking is simpler, employee availability is easily recorded, and a complete overview of the user timesheet is provided in a hassle-free manner. The system should be completely paper-less and highly efficient.

"We switched from paper-based system to a new fully online, efficient, transparent, and always available system. We are amazed at how digitalization can help businesses be so much efficient. Through digitization, Desuvit has made us much more efficient in our day-to-day work and thus helped us find more time to focus on our customers, which was one of our main goals. I highly recommend Desuvit for Digitising your business with their excellent customer-oriented IT Services."

Sina Kistner
Head of Customer Happiness


Digitalized System




System Availability


Increase in productivity

Papers saved every month

  • 90% Digitalized System
  • 100% Transparency
  • 99.9% System Availability
  • 70% Increase in productivity
  • 1250+ Papers saved so far


Paper-Dependent Working

The entire timesheet booking was paper-dependent. Whenever an employee entered or left the office, they had to sign for attendance on the register. These paper records were then used to generate and dispatch employee salaries.

Data Loss Risks

When recording timesheets and attendance on paper, there’s always the risk of data loss. If your team ends up losing the sign register, they end up losing the entire data. There’s no way to recover it or restore it from a backup.

Data Availability

Because the whole system was based on paper, availability of the data was constrained by the paper having the data. Data is with the person who has the paper, which makes it impossible to share the data across systems and people.

Manual Monitoring

Everything in the business was manually monitored. There was no way of knowing the number of employees in the warehouse at a given point; it is a 24-hour office, which increases monitoring difficulty. 

Multiple Manual Systems

There were other manual systems also which were used for different purposes, like task assignment, ticket handling etc. Most of them were paper based or XL based and hence it was difficult to manage them.

Diversified users need

Because of the diverse workforce, not all the employees had access to the desktop all the time. In Addition, some of the employees travel in the field and availability was out of question. The solution should cater to all types of users.

Our Approach

Centralized Unified Platform

The existing IT systems were diverse (manual and tool based) that could not talk with each other. We approached first by creating a unified central platform in the cloud (Azure) which then became the basis for developing features on top of it.

Online Timesheet Management

Everything was moved online for digital timesheet management. Employees now have to open the app, mark their arrival and leave time, to record work hours. With automated system, it was now possible to monitor the office 24 X 7.

Data Availability

Everything is completely online, which means that drilling down data is simpler. You can check previous attendance details, find out which employees are in the warehouse, and check the total working hours of a particular staff member.

Mobile first approach

Because the users of the system have diversified needs, creating a ubiquitous mobile app was the best solution. This aligned quite well with advanced mobile features (like QR code scanning and offline availability) needs of the system.

QR Code Scanning

QR code scanning was ingrained in the app to eliminate false attendance reporting. No employee can sign in without scanning the QR code, which ensures that the system is full proof and cannot be compromised.

Cloud Implementation and Automation

The data and system were hosted on the cloud for proper automation support. The client has the power to scale resources whenever necessary. The uptime of the system or application is also up to 99.99%, which means practically no downtime.

Technologies used

Backend: Microsoft .Net Core (REST APIs), EF Core (ORM), AutoMapper, Swagger, Azure table Storage, SQL Server
Mobile App: React Native, Redux, Redux Persist, Redux Saga
Frontend: ASP.Net MVC, jQuery
Hosting: Azure App Service, Azure functions, Azure Queues

The Result

Automated timesheet management for the employees was successfully implemented and used by the users. The timesheet management was built on the unified centralized platform and the platform was further used to build many more integrated solutions. Ticket management, issue management and later task and responsibilities systems were built.

  • Easy timesheet management
  • Proper management of data
  • Seamless data access on the cloud
  • Integrated abilities
  • Efficient record capturing and analytics
  • Transparent System

A Robust Mobile App for Appointment Booking


Betty24 GmbH

Our client has created an online ecosystem for the healthcare industry. It is an online platform for appointment scheduling, where patients can find doctors in a few clicks and set up an appointment at a feasible time. This landscape allows patients to manage their personal and family appointments without any hassle. The scheduling system seamlessly can be integrated with the clinic internal system, thus allowing doctors to have a single view of all the online and internal appointments. 

Betty24 GmbH


Being an industry leader in the healthcare industry, our client was in dire need of a Mobile App that works on both iOS and Android. Due to the increase of mobile usage, it was important for the client to lead the healthcare industry by providing mobile first solutions which became the basis for launching more innovative solutions. 

"We needed an app for our Betty24 SAAS product and Desuvit delivered on time and within budget. They were a highly efficient team and also strong communicators — whenever I had an issue, they were available. "

Nishant Gupta
CEO, Betty24 GmBH


increase in appointment booking


increase in user registrations


decrease in missed appointments


App availability


Increased user engagement

  • 34% increase in appointment booking
  • 23% increase in user registrations
  • 17% decrease in missed appointments
  • 99,9% App availability
  • 22% Increased user engagement


REST APIs for Mobile App

First and foremost was the non-existence of the REST APIs for the mobile app that will be needed for the app to communicate with the backend server. For the Mobile App to integrate with the backend system to work, REST APIs were needed.

Multiple platform support

We needed to develop the mobile app for both iOS and the Android platform in the best possible time, going fully native was not a possibility as it will increase the development time. Hybrid mobile App might not perform well.

Stability and Monitoring

Since the existing platform was near bug-free and a highly monitored system which ensured that the users of the system had the best experience possible, the same was expected from the mobile app.

User experience

The app should focus highly on usability and aesthetics. The existing web platform provided seamless user experience to find doctor and book appointments, one of the goals was to provide the same or better user experience with the mobile app.


To add, the scalability of the app was a challenge when the users grew. The App should meet the performance benchmarks and should be able to handle the load with increase in the number of users of the system.

Quick versions rollout

The development process should support rolling out new versions of the app, when the new features are being developed as well as if some bugs are found in production that needed to be patched as quickly as possible.

Our Approach

Agile Methodology

We adopted an outside-in approach where we mapped the user journey in the app and planned the REST APIs needed to achieve it. We adopted an Agile working approach for efficient project execution. The most important features were prioritized, and work was executed in 2-week sprint cycles.

Multiple platform support

Since the mobile app was to be developed for both the popular platforms, i.e. iOS and Android in the quickest possible time, we decided to use a cross platform mobile technology to develop the app. We landed up on using React Native as it fits the client requirement.

User Experience and User journey

Since the app should focus highly on usability and aesthetics, we started by mapping user journeys in form of mockups. WIth few brain–sorining sessions with the usability experts and client, the user journeys were finalized, and UI designs were created. This ensured that the development process ran smoothly.

Continuous Delivery

We also adopted a continuous delivery method through CI/CD pipelines in Azure Devops. This ensured that we would catch any possible issues early in the application lifecycle. This also helped us to rollout new versions for the App and Google Store as quickly as possible.

Cloud Native approach

To cater to the scalability needs, cloud native approach was adopted. The REST APIs were developed as the web app service in Microsoft Azure cloud. This gave the flexibility of tuning the service by scaling up or down when the load increased/decreased.

App Monitoring

Even with the strictest quality measure, some unforeseen situations can arise where the App does not behave properly. To cater to such situations a monitoring system should be in place. We use Azure AppInsights for our monitoring needs that helped us find and catch the errors quickly.

Technologies used

Backend: Microsoft .Net Core (REST APIs), AutoMapper, Swagger, SQL Server
Mobile App: React Native, Redux, Redux Persist, Redux Saga
Hosting: Azure App Service, Azure functions

The Result

The mobile app was successfully developed and released on both iOS and Android platforms. After the initial release, some more features were added to enhance the user experience even further.

  • Improved structure for process management.
  • Seamless patient-doctor interaction.
  • Unified experience across Android and iOS.
  • Advanced app scalability options.
  • All-time access to client’s services.

An Interactive Website for a Smart Solution


Smart Förvaltning Sverige AB

Our client offers high-quality stair cleaning solutions in Greater Stockholm. They specialize in property stair cleaning services, which are powered by personalized and customer-focused solutions. They provide a service for BRF, property managers, and property owners.

Smart Förvaltning


While the stair cleaning services offered by our client are now loved across the entire Greater Stockholm, creating an amazing, informational website was the major bottleneck. Our client needed a website that can showcase the entirety of their solutions in a simple, user-friendly, and interactive format.

"Desuvit has surpassed the expectation by designing the advanced website with high quality, excellent design and performance. We are very happy with Desuvit as a customer focused, solution-oriented and reasonably priced provider of IT services. Highly recommended."

Adam Myhrman
Smart Förvaltning Sverige AB


increase in traffic


increase in site performance


increase in session duration


decrease in bounce rate


increase in organic search

  • 56% increase in traffic
  • 43% increase in site performance
  • 60% increase in session duration
  • 65% decrease in bounce rate
  • 24% increase in organic search


Poor information architecture

The major challenge faced by our client was the website that was present but did not speak to users. The information on the site was not properly structured, which made it difficult for users to navigate the site.

Poor performance

Technical performance is the driver of today’s website; it depends on the ease with which the visitors will be able to visit and interact with the site: it is a crucial aspect of website optimization. The performance was a challenge to handle.

Non-responsive website

Responsive design is a critical approach that advises the development of any website that responds to the user’s choice and behavior. The website was not responsive and thus was not optimized for different devices and screen sizes.

Poor SEO

The business was suffering as the service was not discoverable. The organic search ranking was poor, which made the google Ads not work in the favor either for obtaining new clients.

Our Approach


Any website is defined by how user-friendly it is. We structured everything in a manner so that it is easy for users to traverse. Any user can find the stair cleaning services page, stair cleaning price packages, and rent-out services without any hassle.


There are different pages for different services and information access. There’s a contact form strategically placed on the top to help visitors contact immediately in case of queries.

Better Performance

Today, users do not wait to browse if the website does not load in maximum 5 seconds. It is crucial aspect for every website. We optimized the website by optimizing Images, and introduced caching, while JavaScript/CSS was minimized.

Interactive and mobile friendly

Since most of the users now work on their small screens, having an interactive website is important. Therefore, each page and feature on the client’s website is interactive. We make the website responsive to cater to all type of devices.

Better SEO

SEO is crucial in today’s online world, so the companies are discoverable. It helps with organic searches. The SEO was made better by using right keywords and meta tags on all pages.

Valid and clean markup

Clean coding and structural data testing are very important. Clean coding ensures that the website will load fast and responsive across browsers and devices. We went through every page to ensure that they output valid HTML markup.

Technologies used

jQuery, React.js, Javascript, HTML5, CSS3, MySQL,
Google Analytics, Facebook pixel

The Result

We spend couple of weeks fixing various issues on the website. With every change, we closely monitored the effect and adjusted the approach a little bit for best possible results. We managed to achieve these results:

  • Better outreach
  • Improved information dispatch
  • Interactive usage
  • Easy-to-traverse functioning
  • Easy data capturing
  • Improved Organic Search