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Our client Silkroutech is a Fintech company aiming to simplify the Export-Import business. It saves tons of money & time for SME exporters & importers by providing a bouquet of services related to their domain. Smart solutions are at the core of this company.

The goal was to create a cloud-based, digitized SaaS Solution from scratch and to develop a User-friendly Mobile and Web App to facilitate the consumers to make better-informed trading investment decisions and seamless transactions.

The Mobile App developed offers a technical analysis of data, alerts, and more. The foreign exchange (fx) trade booking and fx-rate inquiry (live and offline markets) are also calculated, and future fx-rates for various currencies are also provided to subscribers. The robust system aims to reflect the Live-Market-Rate and various Bank Rates of each currency, where the user can compare and calculate their Profit or Loss on the transaction. Registered users can track the future rates of any currency, compare bank rates with live market rates, and assist their profit/loss on the transaction.


Providing real-time data during market hours

Providing accurate and up-to-date market data in real-time was quite challenging, as we had to ensure the accuracy and consistency of the data and free it from minimizing latency. In real-time market data applications, it is crucial to abridge the time gap between the data generation and display the data.

Integration with multiple systems

Multiple services was to be integrated into a single solution. This would increase the complexity and make it harder for users to understand and navigate. Simplifying the navigation and having smooth user experience was crucial for the success of the solution.

Compatibility Issue

As many integrations were required to deliver different requirements for varied services, ensuring that they all worked seamlessly was complex.


Even during periods of high usage, it was challenging to make the System highly reliable and to ensure that the solution was always available and functional. We leveraged Rigid end to end monitoring and Azure Cloud features to ensure the availability and reliability of the system

Quick versions rollout

The development process should support rolling out new versions of the APIs, Web portal, and Mobile App. It was important when the new features are being developed as well as if some bugs are found in production that needed to be patched as quickly as possible.

Diversified users need

Because of the diverse workforce, not all the employees had access to the desktop all the time. In Addition, some of the employees travel in the field and availability was out of question. The solution should cater to all types of users.

Our Approach

Micro Service Architecture

Throughout the project, the Microservice architecture, an independently deployable service, was adopted from the initial stage. Each microservice is responsible for a specific business capability and communicates with other microservices through APIs.
This approach facilitated the seamless integration and coordination between multiple systems.
The microservice architecture supported greater flexibility, scalability, and resiliency. This equipped the SaaS Solution to respond to and meet market demands while maintaining high-performance levels.


As the Microservice architecture was adopted, Overall the solution was equipped to function even if one or more services failed, which increased the system’s overall reliability.

2 FACTOR Authentication (2FA)

As the web and mobile application deals with finances, essential security features like 2 Factor Authentication were implemented. 2FA adds an extra security layer and safeguards the system. Once the user had entered their personal information and chosen a password, they had to provide a one-time code via SMS/email. This helps to prevent unauthorized access to the system.

Data Availability

Users can archive the history of currency rates and RBI reference rates. They can also track the Orders, Hedges, Deals, and Scripts they created. This feature provides the facility to calculate Potential Savings. The Solution was always available, and thus, the users could access the data at their fingertips.

Mobile-First Approach

As the app aims to cater to the users’ diverse needs, creating a ubiquitous mobile app was the best solution. This aligned quite well with the system’s advanced mobile features and requirements.

Cloud Implementation and Automation

The data and system were hosted on the cloud for proper automation support, as the client can scale resources whenever necessary. The uptime of the system or application is also up to 99.99%, which means practically no downtime for it.


Digitalized System


System Availability

Increase in Productivity

Technologies Used


Azure Table
Rest api
Azure Table
Azure Table


Azure Table


The Result

The SaaS Solution was successfully implemented with the web interface to the system.  The iOS and Android version of the app was launched soon after. We delivered:

  • A SaaS Platform, with Mobile and Web App interface to provide financial & non-financial solutions for Cross Border trade
  • Real-time currency rates
  • Market-linked Multi-currency order book
  • Treasury management solution
  • Proper management of data & seamless data access on the cloud
  • Integrated abilities
  • Efficient record capturing and analytics
  • Transparent System


“Currencies are complex & integration of stakeholders on the tech platform is what the Silkroute team had in mind; starting from scratch Desuvit team built it brick by brick & made a successful running platform compatible with a variety of devices; they managed it & support it very well, The Platform is loved by users for its simplicity & security. We highly recommend Desuvit for building SaaS Solutions and mobile apps. They developed it using the Azure cloud, which helped us with scalability and performance. Thanks, Team Desuvit!”

Amit Kr Shrivastava

Founder Silkroutech

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