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Betty24 GmBH – Germany



Betty 24 GmbH, our valued client, sought to develop an online infrastructure specifically for the healthcare field. Betty24, an internet-based portal designed for appointment bookings, should allow patients to identify suitable doctors and book consultations at their convenience. This platform would offer patients the ability to effortlessly coordinate personal and family appointments. Moreover, the scheduling system can be effortlessly merged with a clinic’s existing system, affording doctors a comprehensive overview of both online and in-house appointments



Even during periods of high usage, it was challenging to make the System highly reliable and to ensure that the solution was always available and functional. We leveraged Azure Cloud features to ensure the availability and reliability of the system.

User Experience

The System app should focus highly on usability and aesthetics. The web and Mobile Apps should provide seamless user experience to find doctor and book appointments.

API's first approach to support both Web Portal and Mobile App

The challenge was to create a consistent user experience across both the web portal and mobile application without duplication of efforts. This required a strategy ensuring both platforms could access the same backend services and data, a task that could be resource-intensive and time-consuming. The key was to implement an efficient solution that could seamlessly bridge the two platforms, while maximizing reusability and scalability.

Multiple Platform Support for Mobile App

We needed to develop a mobile app with seamless multi-platform support across iOS, and Android, without compromising performance or user experience. This required accommodating different coding languages and user interface norms, ensuring compatibility and consistent performance across platforms, all while maintaining an excellent user experience, and to be developed in the shortest possible time.


To add, the scalability of the app was a challenge when the users grew. The App should meet the performance benchmarks and should be able to handle the load with increase in the number of users of the system.

Quick Versions Rollout

The development process should support rolling out new versions of the app, when the new features are being developed as well as if some bugs are found in production that needed to be patched as quickly as possible.

Our Approach

Agile Methodology

We adopted an outside-in approach where we mapped the user journey in the app and planned the REST APIs needed to achieve it. We adopted an Agile working approach for efficient project execution. The most important features were prioritized, and work was executed in 2-week sprint cycles.

Continuous Delivery

We also adopted a continuous delivery method through CI/CD pipelines in Azure Devops. This ensured that we would catch any possible issues early in the application lifecycle. This also helped us to rollout new versions for the App and Google Store as quickly as possible.

Multi-Platform Support

Since the mobile app was to be developed for both the popular platforms, i.e. iOS and Android in the quickest possible time, we decided to use a cross platform mobile technology to develop the app. We landed up on using React Native as it fits the client requirement.

Cloud Native Approach

To cater to the scalability needs, cloud native approach was adopted. The REST APIs were developed as the web app service in Microsoft Azure cloud. This gave the flexibility of tuning the service by scaling up or down when the load increased/decreased.

User Experience & User Journey

Since the Web Portal, as well as Mobile app should focus highly on usability and aesthetics, we started by mapping user journeys in form of mockups. With few brain–storming sessions with the usability experts and client, the user journeys were finalized, and UI designs were created. This ensured that the development process ran smoothly.


Even with the strictest quality measure, some unforeseen situations can arise where the system does not behave properly. To cater to such situations a monitoring system should be in place. We use Azure AppInsights and setup alerts for our monitoring needs that helped us find and catch the errors quickly.


Increase in appointment booking

Increase in user registrations

Decrease in missed appointments

App availability

Increased user engagement

Technologies Used


Azure Table
Rest api
Azure Table
Azure Table


Azure Table
Azure Table
Azure Table


The Result

The SaaS Solution was successfully developed. The Mobile app was released on both iOS and Android platforms. After the initial release, some more features were added to enhance the user experience even further.
Seamless Patient-Doctor interaction.

  • 24X7 System Availability
  • Unified experience across both Web and Mobile Apps
  • All-time access to client’s services.
  • 360 integration with existing doctor Journal System using CalDAV as well as other APIs
  • 30-40% Reduction in calls to the doctor reception
  • Decreased the rate of no-shows by up to 75%
  • Doctor-to-doctor calendar integration.


“We needed a SaaS Solution for our Betty24 SAAS product and Desuvit delivered on time and within budget. They were a highly efficient team and also strong communicators — whenever I had an issue, they were available. “
Nishant Gupta

CEO, Betty24 GmBH

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