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Nii AS, our client, is set on the path to revolutionize the logistics industry through digitization. The existing traditional methodologies, primarily relying on paper and Excel sheets for documentation, contribute to operational inefficiencies. Information is scattered across multiple sources such as paper, emails, Excel files, text documents, and more, leading to a lack of instant availability and accessibility of data.
The goal was to develop a cloud-based SaaS solution and cultivate a user-centric mobile and web application that enables daily recording of hours and tasks. The application allows for documentation of spent hours, with drivers logging their working day hours and tasks. The administrative personnel can provide approval on a continual basis, with the ability to compare hours registered via the application with their tachograph system, thus ensuring transparency and accuracy.



Ensuring precise and consistent records of start and end times for drivers posed a significant challenge due to the need to maintain data accuracy while reducing latency. To meet this objective, the GPS location data had to be captured with utmost precision. Furthermore, the application had to incorporate a feature to update the recorded hours should a user enter incorrect information or neglect to log the hours.

Mapping the recorded data from App with Tachograph System

The information collected through the app had to be cross-verified with that logged in the Tachograph System. This process was imperative to confirm that drivers had accurately logged their hours without any system misuse. Moreover, since the data was to be utilized for client reports, its accuracy was of the highest significance.

User Experience

Among the biggest hurdles was ensuring the mobile app was driver-friendly. The interface needed to be self-guided, thus eliminating the need for learning its operation. It was crucial for the user experience to be intuitive, smooth, and free from user friction. A significant focus was on the app’s usability and aesthetics, intending to make it exceedingly simple for users to operate.


Ensuring the system’s reliability and constant functionality, even during peak usage times, was a considerable challenge. To overcome this, we employed the capabilities of Azure Cloud to guarantee the system’s uninterrupted availability and reliability.

API's first approach to support both Web Portal and Mobile App

The challenge was to create a consistent user experience across both the web portal and mobile application without duplication of efforts. This required a strategy ensuring both platforms could access the same backend services and data, a task that could be resource-intensive and time-consuming. The key was to implement an efficient solution that could seamlessly bridge the two platforms while maximizing reusability and scalability.

Multiple Platform Support for Mobile App

We needed to develop a mobile app with seamless multi-platform support across iOS, and Android, without compromising performance or user experience. This required accommodating different coding languages and user interface norms, ensuring compatibility and consistent performance across platforms, all while maintaining an excellent user experience, and to be developed in the shortest possible time.

Quick Versions Roll Out

The development process had to accommodate the release of new versions of the APIs, web portal, and mobile Apps. This was essential during the introduction of new features, as well as during instances when bugs were detected in the production that necessitated immediate fixes.

Our Approach

Agile Methodology

We adopted an outside-in approach where we mapped the user journey in the app and planned the REST APIs needed to achieve it. We adopted an Agile working approach for efficient project execution. The most important features were prioritized, and work was executed in 2-week sprint cycles.

Continuous Delivery

We also adopted a continuous delivery method through CI/CD pipelines in Azure Devops. This ensured that we would catch any possible issues early in the application lifecycle. This also helped us to roll out new versions for the App and Google Store as quickly as possible.

Online Record Management

The entire process was migrated online for seamless digital record-keeping. Drivers are now obligated to access the app and document their journey details, such as date, time, and breaks. With the implementation of an automated system, continuous 24/7 office surveillance has become feasible.

Mobile-First with Multi-Platform Support

As the app aims to cater to the users’ diverse needs, creating a ubiquitous mobile app was the best solution. This aligned quite well with the system’s advanced mobile features and requirements. Since the mobile app was to be developed for both the popular platforms, i.e. iOS and Android in the quickest possible time, we decided to use a cross platform mobile technology to develop the app. We landed up on using Flutter as it fits the client requirement.

Data Availability

Drivers have the ability to record all events and access them whenever necessary. This aids in comprehensive documentation which can be verified by the admin on a daily basis. Admins possess the ability to create driver user accounts. Furthermore, the driver can review their previously logged work hours.

Cloud Implementation and Automation

The data and system were hosted on the cloud to endorse comprehensive automation support, as it allowed the client to dynamically scale resources. Additionally, the uptime for the system or application reached up to 99.9%, essentially implying negligible downtime.


Digitalized System


System Availability

Increase in Productivity

Technologies Used


Azure Table
Rest api
Azure Table
Azure Table


Azure Table


The Result

The SaaS Solution was successfully brought to life, with the mobile app introduced across both iOS and Android platforms. Subsequent to its initial release, a range of additional features were incorporated to optimize the user experience.

  • Efficiently functioning SaaS Solution accompanied by a Mobile & Web App for a Logistics enterprise
  • Comprehensive Time Record Management System
  • The solution significantly streamlined the process of managing and tracking work hours and trips, thus improving overall operational efficiency within the logistics company.
  • By transitioning to a digital solution, the system dramatically reduced the amount of paperwork involved in the logistics process, leading to more eco-friendly operations.
  • Increased Accuracy: The digital tracking and recording system reduced errors that were common with manual entry, thereby increasing data accuracy.
  • Real-time Access to Data: The solution allowed for real-time data access, enabling quick decision-making and operational adjustments as necessary.
  • The SaaS model of the application made it highly scalable, allowing the company to easily accommodate growth and expansion in the future.
  • Hosting data on the cloud not only allowed seamless access but also enhanced security, protecting sensitive operational data from potential threats.
  • Streamlined Data Governance and Continuous Cloud Data Access.
  • Efficient Data Compilation and Integrated Analytical Abilities.


We asked Desuvit to develop a mobile app, SaaS Solution, and Web portal that records driver movements and rides. The user-friendly app lets drivers record their activities and rides quickly and easily. The features are handy as they eliminate manual input, saving time and reducing the likelihood of errors. It also helps in analytics and reporting, offering valuable insights into driver performance. I am delighted with the paperless digitized system and mobile app developed by Desuvit.

Nii AS


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