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In 2021, the internet can make or break your business. Without a viable internet presence, there is a slim chance of you growing your business the way you want to. After all, you can only depend on word of mouth so much to take you far!

Your SEO rankings are vital stats that you need to focus on. While there are several things you can do to make your website rank higher on search engines, a small mistake could ruin your hard work.

These errors are way more common than you think. However, if you educate yourself about the common pitfalls regarding Search Engine Results Page (SERP) rankings, you will undoubtedly benefit from it. Learn more about where you are likely to go wrong and avoid these mistakes when developing your internet presence.

Continue reading for a more in-depth insight into what SEO mistakes are most harmful to your SERP rankings!

10 pitfalls to avoid if you want higher SERP rankings

Mentioned below are some of the most widely seen causes of low SERP rankings. Avoid them and rectify them to witness your rankings skyrocket like never before!

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1. Not answering the right questions

You might have figured out what your target audience is. This in itself is a significant step forward in enhancing your SERP rankings. However, not answering their questions correctly can prove to do more damage to your reputation online.

Knowing the search intent is crucial. You must understand what your audience is looking for and give them the content they need. Often, websites have great content on their websites which sadly is not good enough for their clientele. So, make sure you only give the people what they want to read!

Let us take an example of a user who searches for “what technology to use for mobile app development” as a primary starting point. When you start the keyword research, you find variations for “Mobile App development”, “Android App Development”, “iOS App Development”, etc.

Each of these variations is the result of an increase in search that goes back to your website. So, it would be a great idea to integrate these keywords into the overall SEO process.

2. Outdated techniques

Technology and especially SEO is a dynamic entity. You cannot use outdated SEO techniques that have worked in the past for you now. You must keep up with the times and hop in on trends you see today.

If you want your website to rank higher, you need to start doing your research today. Keyword stuffing or PBNs (Private Blog Networks) is not going to do your platform any good. The search engines you target have evolved over time and now comprehend much more than you anticipated! Here are a few new techniques you can use in 2021 instead:

  • Show users your forte – Promote topical expertise online
  • Take advantage of internal linking and improve page 2 rankings
  • Focus on Core Web Vitals
  • improve image search results for your brand
  • Get rid of toxic links
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3. Not having a structure to your searches and their data

Adding structure to your search data is a crucial part of ranking higher. When you ignore your search data and the way your results show up, you miss out on an excellent opportunity to become the top choice for your viewers.

It would be best to make it easy for people to find what they are looking for on your website. This is possible only if you filter out your search results and make them more accurate or efficient. All this will optimize your website’s performance and give your viewers what they want.

4. Not focusing on lead generation

Your ultimate goal is to give your potential clients every reason to become loyal customers. Your platform is a means to make that happen. It would be best to make sure that there is everything readily available for your clients to see online.

If they have all the resources handed to them, they are sure to reach out and trust your business with their money. Conversion of leads should be the only thing you are focused on.

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5. Neglecting anchor texts (backlinking)

As you may have already realized, backlinking and linking of all sorts is vital for your website. You need to create a well-connected mesh of data related to your website online. The only way you can do it is by focusing on the content you put out, especially your anchor texts.

Using anchor texts that sport your brand’s name is a great tactic to improve brand visibility. Additionally, choosing the content you decide to hyperlink can have a severe effect on your rankings!

6. Mainly focused on the textual content

Content is vital for website ranking. However, you need to understand that text is not the only form of content that will rank your website higher. If you only have a text-heavy website, chances are your rankings will soon plateau.

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People are looking for engaging content. This content could be anything from interactive videos, images to even audio. Google SERPs rank websites with such vibrant content higher up. This is especially true for platforms that have recently started releasing their podcasts.

7. Neglecting the importance of building a brand

People are chasing brands everywhere they go. Your customers want to trust a name and a label more than anything. Google and other search engines have realized this, and they have started ranking platforms focused on branding higher up.

Make your business a name that instills trust and loyalty in people and see your rankings go higher each day. Here are a few tips on how you can build your brand.

  • Figure out who your target audience is.
  • Create a good social media presence.
  • Publicize your products online.
  • Create a brand identity i.e. logo and design that goes well with your business ideas.

8. Non-Responsive Web Design

More and more people have started using their mobile phones to read up on things. This implies that if you want a broader and more wholesome reach, you need a mobile-compatible website.  Mobile optimization helps improve the content of your website to ensure that visitors can easily access the site from mobile devices that have a good user experience.

You will get more than half of your overall traffic from people who surf your website on their mobile phones. Ensure that your website is responsive and performs well on mobile devices. Google page ranking ranks the sites higher if the site is mobile-friendly.

9. Not measuring the SEO progress

Accurate reporting for SEO campaigns is very important. If you are not pointing out the accurate results, then you cannot achieve the target results. and without that analysis how can you expect to make accurate adjustments that an SEO campaign requires?

Some industries do not think to adjust their keyword strategy based on the analysis report. But if you are in a quickly shifted market or industry then it is important to improve or update your keywords phrases on a weekly or monthly basis. and google always appreciates the new and updated content.

By doing this effectively, may get a higher rank in SERPs.

10. Focusing only on search engines

It is easy for people to forget that the content they create is ultimately for a real person and not just a machine algorithm. If you only focus on how search engines perceive your content, it might not benefit your end-users. Ensure that every step your take with regards to your platform is taken after fully considering your users.

  • Call For Free Technical Expert’s Advice

This means apart from working on the keywords, and focusing on the technicalities of the HTML, you should focus on the content that you are putting out on the internet. Providing valuable content to your users will ultimately build trust in your customers. People buy from people. If you provide value through your product/service, then your business will grow.

To conclude with

It is very easy to falter when you are creating an online presence for yourself. There is no way to eliminate all errors in your process because you can never be 100% efficient! However, there are ways to be more careful and tread carefully in this process.

Desuvit has all the right resources to guide you through the complexities of online presence and more. Reach out to us today for a free consultation to grow your business.

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