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Today, more and more people are using mobile apps as they are easy to use, have features which are not available on the web and can either earn money by generating new revenue streams for the business or save money.

However, not all the apps developed are successful. What is the reason behind it? There are many reasons, but most of them can be avoided by taking care of certain mistakes often made when planning and developing your business mobile strategy. Here are some tips to help you avoid those mistakes so you will have a better chance of having a successful mobile app for your business.

1. Failing to define the real need of the Mobile App.

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Before going straight to developing the mobile app you should accomplish a need analysis in the form of market research. Sometimes a mobile app is not needed, and these questions will help you decide:

  • What is the real need for a mobile app?
  • Can you build a responsive website instead?
  • Why should your users need a mobile app?
  • How will your user use it?
  • Why will these users be motivated to begin using your app, and continue to use it into the future?
  • If you are launching a business idea, do you have a competition?
  • How will your business/app be different from your competitor?
  • What value does your mobile app brings to your user’s life?

2. Poor User Experience (UX)

When it comes to mobile apps of today, a poor UX can make or break your Mobile App. Apple has a policy regarding user experience as they check every app functionality and set the parameter for the user-friendly app. A mobile user never gets back to the apps that have a bad user experience. A mobile user has a different view and expect that the mobile app will provide them the best possible user experience. Failing to meet the expectation can cost you.

Netflix is the most popular platform for Movies, TV shows and web series streaming apps in the world, but they keep themselves on toes to keep working on enhancing user experience for their users. “Continue Watching” is one of the best UX features of Netflix which allows you to start exactly from where you left last time. Although it is a very simple feature but provides extremely useful user experience for the user. Good UX is very important for success of a mobile app and should be paid extra attention.

3. Not leveraging Multiple Platforms (iOS and Android)

Not leveraging Multiple Platforms - iOS and Android - Desuvit

There are millions of apps on Google Play Store and iOS App Store and sometimes it is quite difficult to decide which platform is suitable for your App.Are most of your potential user’s only one of the platforms or both? Is your app based on features available exclusively on one of the platforms? Will your app in the future be available on both platforms? These questions are very important when deciding on developing the app. Do proper research to decide on the target platforms.
In our experience, we have seen that it benefits the business to have apps on both the platforms as they are equally popular, and users have different preferences. Unless there is some feature exclusively available on only one of the platforms, it is better to launch the app on both the platforms.

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4. Adding too many un-necessary features

It is not always a good strategy to add many features to your mobile app because adding too many features can make it complex and confusing. Sometimes, few but highly useful features make your app more composed, purposeful, and easy to understand.

This becomes extremely important when releasing the first version of the app. When planning for the first version of the app it is a natural tendency to add as many features as possible to make the app successful. The thought generally is that may be some user will like this feature and another user might like another feature so we will cover more user base. This cannot be further from truth, especially for the first version of the app. Users behaves differently and it is difficult to predict user behaviour. The feature development based on user behaviour data or user feedback (with iterative approach) will ensure that you are developing what your user wants and needs, instead of assuming and developing features which users might not want or does not need.

Minimum Viable Product consists of only the most important feature of your solution — nothing more nothing less. MVP always saves resources such as time and money since you are testing the absolute core functionality of your product.

5. Not thinking about Marketing Strategy for App

Should think about Marketing Strategy for App - Desuvit

In today’s world where users are bombarded left and right with advertisements, how does one get “found” in the noise? After you have developed the app, how do you make sure that users will find your app in the store among millions already there? Only development of an APP is not enough. Without a good marketing strategy, it is difficult for your app to be found by your potential users.

Growth hacking, a term often used now within startups domain is a marketing strategy which aligns the product, marketing, and development departments together to develop product features in according to the overall business strategy. This means that you do not do marketing activities after you have developed your product, but marketing and other development activities go hand in hand so that the overall impact of the product effective when the product is launched.

In Summary

In the mobile app development processes, these five mistakes are committed far too often. One should avoid them to ensure the mobile app’s success. These are not difficult things to avoid but keeping your eye open to these mistakes will help you avoid them and do things which brings your mobile app development on the right track and give you the results that you expect.

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