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For those used to working in an office environment every day, working remotely can be quite challenging. Granted, most of the work remains the same, from support ticket queues to implementing features to fixing bugs.  However, working remotely comes with obstacles of its own, like effective team communication, feature braining storming, etc. By implementing a few efficient work practices, though, you can easily overcome such hurdles.

Curious to know how? Read on because this article will answer most of your queries! Oh, but first, you want to ensure you have high-speed internet and quality equipment. These basics are necessities for all developers, but even more so when working in a remote setup.

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Tips on Efficient Remote Working for Software Developers

Here are four easy-to-implement tips for software developers transitioning into remote work.

Over Communicate: Let It All Out

Office settings allow for communication to be minimal yet efficient. However, when working remotely, you do not have such an advantage. Why? Well, for starters, a conversation that lasts around five minutes in an office will take much longer through remote communication.

After all, not everyone replies to messages immediately. Sharing more information over a single reply cuts down on the need to have several conversations, increasing efficiency.

Remote communication also creates more opportunities for information to get lost in translation. However, when you write down all the specifics, it reduces the chances of that happening. The person on the receiving end of the information can decide which portions are and are not of value.

The work description can be centralized so the feature details, changes, and decisions can be properly documented and communicated to team members. Using tools like Azure DevOps, Trello or Jira can help with project management activities and make communication more effective.

Have a Bigger Work Backlog

When you work remotely, you will notice blockers popping up more frequently and being harder to eliminate. Nothing is more frustrating than getting stuck on a project because you need information or answers from someone else.

Or say someone else needs to complete a portion before you can progress. Quick status updates are not a thing anymore because it can take ages to reach people.

So, consider lining up 2-3 tasks so you can jump to the next if you get stuck on one. Not only will this keep you from boredom, but it is also more efficient. Using tools like Azure DevOps, Trello or Jira can come in handy for keeping track of all your tasks for the day.

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Update: Let Your Co-workers Know

As mentioned previously, communication is tricky when working remotely. It can be hard enough to reach a colleague, so why not implement strategies to update them on your whereabouts?

A good practice is to drop your co-workers a few messages when you start work or take a break. Similarly, let them know when you are getting back to work as well. When you adopt such practices, it allows for a smoother workflow. After all, your co-workers will have fewer concerns about contacting you and can perform other tasks meanwhile.

Take Breaks For Physical Well-Being

Most people do not realize it but taking a few breaks after a stipulated work period is essential. If not, you run the risk of developing a sedentary lifestyle that can cause severe health issues down the line.

Looking after your health while you are working does not have to be complex. Keep it simple by taking a short walk for 2-5 minutes after every hour of work. Or, go for a longer run of ten minutes in-between meetings. If possible, attend online webinars or meetings while using a treadmill or standing at the least.

Another popular option these days is to replace a standard desk with a standing one. If you opt for an adjustable desk, you could even alternate between sitting and standing. The key is to include kinetic breaks into your routine. If you find it too hard to keep tracking time yourself, invest in online time for this purpose.

Summing Up

The transition to working from home is far from complete, so the debate on how to best do it continues. That said, undeniably, when remote developers come together with proper work practices, the result is a world of efficiency. The transition has also impacted the managers and employers as they also have to transform their managing style to attain optimum results, know more about how to handle the remote team, and read more.

The key takeaway here is the emphasis on effective communication. So, both developing this skill yourself and establishing efficient systems for it are equally important. Not sure how to do this? Reach out to us! We have been working with remote teams for many years and will be happy to guide you and your team to make remote working efficient.

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