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If you own a smartphone, there are probably several apps downloaded on your device. While using these to access your social media account or edit pics, have you wondered what makes them such a hit? How do specific mobile applications get millions of downloads per day while others get only peanuts?

Apps that succeed are those which offer unique solutions to everyday problems through a seamless user experience. A critical factor that sets apart an app from another is the platform it gets built for. Therefore, the type of smartphone will tell you a lot about their user behavior app downloads.

Continue reading this post to know more about the importance of user behavior in modern application development.

A Sneak Peek into the Global App Market

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As you might have guessed, Android is the most popular mobile operating system on the planet, with more than 2.5 billion users spread across 190 countries. You’ll find most of your favorite mobile applications on the Google Play Store. With industrial behemoths like Samsung and Xiaomi launching smartphones running on Android, the platform has created a vast user base since 2014.

While Android has an international market share of 71.93%, iOS has only 27.47%. There are almost 900 million active iPhones and around 3 billion active Android phones used worldwide.

But why this difference? Android has a broad range of smartphones with an equally varied price range. On the other hand, iPhones generally have a steeper price point and are not too popular among developing countries like India and Bangladesh.

So, the choice of app downloads will differ among iOS and Android users. It is a crucial user behavior that any app developer has to keep in mind before creating a target customer base.

Customer Behaviour Factors Affecting Mobile Application Development

A user’s behavior while using an app will depend upon the features and functionalities they prefer. Any mobile app developer must consider the user’s needs and expectations from the app. Only then can they target the right users and hit a million downloads!

Below are some important factors impacting application development.

User Demographics

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Key user demographics such as location and economic status must be taken into consideration while developing mobile apps. For instance, users living in underdeveloped or developing countries will tend to choose cheaper smartphones than pricey ones. As Android offers the most options for reasonable prices, it’s more popular in these regions.

On the other hand, users living in developed countries having a better financial background will choose an iPhone over an Android device. So, if your app gets launched for iOS devices, it will be downloaded more among these users than the underdeveloped regions.

However, if an app is available on both iOS and Android devices, the chances of success are way higher.

Device Capabilities and Regulations

The capabilities a platform has and the regulations it imposes on the customer affect their app usage. For example, Apple is very strict regarding iOS app notifications, updates, push notifications, and timelines. Moreover, the platform offers updates at specific intervals to users to have a seamless experience across all Apple devices.

Android users have greater flexibility when it comes to updating their apps and managing their notifications. They enjoy more freedom while customizing their apps and widgets, as there aren’t many stipulations.

User’s Spending Behaviour

This factor is closely related to a user’s income. To clarify, any user with a better financial condition is more likely to buy apps for their device. Further, they’ll probably spend more on in-app purchases.

So, an iOS user might not have problems buying apps from the App Store or spending money on clothes or accessories. For customers who don’t like spending much and don’t have a good income, free Android apps from the Play Store will do the trick. Even if they purchase goods using these apps, they won’t be interested in paying for apps.

So, if your app isn’t free, it will probably attract more iOS users than on the Android platform.


Security is important for all users as they share and exchange so much personal data from their smartphones. iOS offers outstanding security features and is considered a closed operating system. They also send frequent security updates to protect user’s data.

On the other hand, Android lags a little in terms of security, even after launching security updates every month. Being open-source, the developers tend to release the security patches a little late. That’s why most Android users don’t use updated versions of their operating systems.

How does this affect app development? Suppose you develop an app that uses your highly sensitive information to work. If you release this app on iOS, most users will download it without much hesitation.

However, some Android users might be hesitant to download the app as they might wait for the next security update. So, this will affect app downloads.

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Platform Loyalty

iOS users are more loyal to their platform and device because they’ve been using the internet since the ’90s. So, they are more likely to download an app with excellent features from the App Store.

However, as Android users aren’t so loyal to their platform, they may or may not download an app from Play Store. As they prefer a feature-rich device with only the apps they need regularly, they may not be interested in trying out an app, even if it’s free.

Final Thoughts

As app development is a process that might never cease in this smartphone era, developers are more interested in developing cross-platform apps. That’s why there has been a massive boost in the use of cross-platform app frameworks such as Flutter and React Native. Almost 42% of the world’s developers use cross-platform frameworks.

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However, app designers must consider the users needs, problems, and limitations when launching an app successfully.
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