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App store optimization, commonly known as ASO, is a method to improve the rank of your app on the app stores. We already have search engines that index or rank our websites and content based on the keywords, readability, and value delivered. Similar to this concept is the concept of ASO.

Here are the things that contribute to your app store rating:

  • Reviews
  • Keywords
  • Downloads
  • Value offered

To land in the top search ranking on the app store, you need to ascertain the above factors.
You must be wondering, why is this important after all? Around 68% of applications on the app stores are discovered with the help of app store optimization.

The goal behind this strategy is:

  • To create awareness of your app. People need to know that a brand and app like this exists. If in the future the need for your app (related product and service) arrives, these users may remember your app and download it.
  • Another apparent reason for ASO is driving conversions. You need more downloads and purchases – more users.

In this small guide, we have tried covering important topics of ASO. Read on and explore how ASO can be a true life-saver when your app downloads are going down.

Understanding ASO (App Store Optimization)

There’s no doubt in the fact that everyone in the mobile app world knows about ASO. Everyone new to this landscape eventually hears about it.

However, rarely do businesses make genuine efforts to improve app ranking with ASO.

We already know that ASO can help us improve ranking, revenue, and outreach. So, why not use it?

Let’s see what ASO is:

App store optimization is a technique utilized to optimize the visibility and outreach of an application or game. When you create and upload a game or an app on the Play Store or App Store, how do people find it?

They find it through ASO.

Hence, you need to increase traffic on your app listing, which will enhance your conversions and increase organic downloads—getting more high-quality users for your iOS or Android application decreases the cost of user acquisition.

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ASO is conversion and app traffic!

To utilize app store optimization, you need the following:

  • Deep understanding of the app store
  • Target customer base and their persona
  • Relevant keywords that attract users

App store optimization is no magic for your iOS or Android application. It is a simple technique, similar to SEO, that you need to use to gain visibility. You need to work on your ASO to improve your ranking.

Why Do You Need App Store Optimization?

The most important reason why you need app store optimization is to improve awareness and visibility. When you optimize your metrics, you can bring your application to the front pages of the app store searches.

Think of SEO to understand ASO:

We utilize keywords, images, and other things to improve SEO. For instance, using a high-DA link in the article or content. This helps us improve our credibility, which enables search engines to rank us higher.

Similarly, on Google Play or App Store, how would you improve your ranking?

It is through ASO. ASO helps you utilize keywords and other methods to rank higher in searches.

If you are selling cleaning services and a user searches for cleaning services, your app is more likely to come up if you have a great ASO strategy.

Simply put, you get the following:

  • Improved discoverability
  • Increased organic downloads
  • Time-efficient downloads
  • Cost-effective user acquisition
  • Higher revenue
  • More leads – more business

How ASO Works?

App store optimization has a few defining factors. We have divided these factors into two things:

Off Factors

Off Factors are similar to search engine optimization. We can’t entirely control these external things—speed and volume of installs, reviews, rating, and user engagement.

You can improve these factors but can’t control them.

For example, once the user has downloaded your app and used it for a month, you can send them an email about rating your app. However, you can’t do anything if the user decides against it or provides negative feedback.

On Factors

The On Factors are the ones that you can change from the store. This will improve your ASO ranking, enhance visibility and rate of conversions. You can completely control these factors.

  • Package or URL
  • App title
  • App description
  • Developer name
  • Short description
  • Promo text
  • Subtitle
  • Category
  • Keywords
  • Screenshots
  • Icon
  • Videos

If you optimize these elements as per your keywords, you can receive better ASO results.

Strategy for ASO

While ASO is a blessing in disguise when your app is not performing well, how can you reach users when there are millions of applications?

Here’s what you can use:

  • Rating and reviews: quality and quantity
  • Number of downloads
  • Statistics of usage
  • Number of uninstalls
  • Growth in downloads
  • Keywords

Let’s explore some of these factors in detail:

1. Keyword Search

Optimization of your app store ranking starts at market and keyword research. So, that’s what we will do first.

Understand your market, your competitors, and the tactics of competitors. To outrun your competitors, you need to know what strategy they are using to get increased downloads. Using an improved approach is how we can become better.

It is unlikely for new applications to show top results without additional efforts. The best thing you can do here is choosing the right keywords and strategies to improve your ranking organically.

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Hence, here, we can recommend finding mid or long-tail keywords for your business. You can use keywords with high search volume as well, but industry leaders already dominate these. So, your ranking will not be as good as it can be. Use long-tail keywords for dedicated and improved results. With these keywords, users tend to find the exact product or app.

If you use long or mid-tail keywords, you are also unlikely to attract the wrong users.

Using the right keywords is the major strategy that you can utilize in your ASO. You need to spend time and search for the right mid and long-tail keywords to get better results. If you start using keywords that your competitors are using, you reduce your traffic and increase competition.

2. Visibility Optimization

When you start your journey to increase conversion and visibility, you need to focus on app optimization.

Google Play

On Google Play, here’s how you can optimize. Add keywords in:

  • Short description
  • Title
  • Description

Google Play is different from App Store. Here, your text appears in the listing. Hence, the right keywords improve your ranking. This is very much like the SEO strategy.

App Store

On your Apple App Store, you can optimize in the following manner.

Use keywords in:

  • Subtitle
  • App name
  • Keywords field

Here, you get only 160 characters to add your keywords. You need specific and dedicated keywords on App Store specifically.

Additional Factors

You can use the following for your conversion rate optimization:

  • Featured images
  • Screenshots
  • Icons

Use A/B testing to understand what is performing better. This will help you boost conversions on your app.

3. Track KPIs

The mobile landscape keeps changing. It is modifying even as you are reading this. So, you need to pick the pace and keep tracking KPIs.

Ideally, you need to keep track of your KPIs daily. Check the following:

  • Non-organic downloads
  • Organic downloads
  • Ranking of keywords
  • Top charts
  • Reviews
  • Ratings

We are doing this to improve results. With time, many of your keywords would become non-performing or obsolete. You need to remove these and include the new ones.

Similarly, tracking KPIs leave scope for experimentation. For example, you can try two types of graphics on your app pages and see which is more converting.

Lastly, don’t forget about your users in an attempt to improve downloads. When a user shares a review or query, or grievance, you need to resolve it. Reply to both positive and negative reviews. This says a lot about your brand. If you fail to take care of user sentiment, you can ruin your brand’s image.

Checklist for Your ASO Strategy

    • Understand your keywords
    • Focus on long-tail keywords
    • Optimize your title
    • Use keywords in the description
    • Include creatives and videos
    • Don’t stuff keywords

In Conclusion

App store optimization is the key to improved traffic on your application. You need to consistently keep enhancing your ASO strategy to receive better, higher results. For instance, a consistent increase in conversions, more downloads, and higher engagement.

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If you want to understand how you can do it, then check the above strategy for ASO. Utilize these tips, follow the checklist, and improvise your app’s traffic accordingly. If you need support in this task, then you can reach out to Desuvit, a trusted IT partner. We can help you in everything, right from app development to app store optimization.
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