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Many things take a share of your business profits, and inefficiency takes a big portion of it. When we didn’t have enough technology to automate tasks, manual processes were our best-case scenario. However, with digitizing with business process automation and technological advancements, we have an opportunity to automate repetitive work and reduce errors. Hence, improve efficiency, ROI, and time management.

Workflow automation plays a major role in reducing inefficient processes in our business. From reducing costs spent on errors to improving time-efficiency for employees, technology helps you execute simple tasks in the simplest way. You don’t need to sit in the office for hours to manually enter data in your tax software, accounting tool, or a customer data spreadsheet.
Let’s explore how business process automation can be a blessing in disguise. Explore its benefits below:

What is Business Process Automation?

Before we move on and start exploring the benefits of business process automation or workflow automation, let’s understand what it is exactly.

Business process automation is a process of automating repetitive tasks. There are an array of activities in any business that can be easily automated. For example, data capturing. If you are ultimately adding details of users to the computer, you don’t need to manually capture this data. Another example is an attendance system. The HR doesn’t need to manually enter attendance details each and every day. With an efficient IT System in place, you can automate attendance recording, thus saving a lot of time, and at the same time have an online accessible system. Read our case study, where we helped our client to full digitize their attendance system and how that resulted in better efficiency and productivity

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It is even frustrating to achieve these tasks manually. Your resources are being unnecessarily wasted in doing activities that technology can achieve with much better efficiency.

Which Tasks Can Be Automated?

With technology advancements today, we can automate many tasks of the business.

  • Analytics
  • Email
  • Invoice
  • Payment reminders
  • Hiring
  • Orientation
  • Employee attendance
  • Payroll

Think of the time you would be saving if you automate these activities. Even if you use a simple automatic e-sign tool, it will save the time of your employees.

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Benefits of Digitizing Your Business

While automation can seem to be a costly affair, it is actually not. You may be of the opinion that by using workflow automation technology, you may need to spend money on it. However, in reality, multiple other costs are mitigated completely, which improves your budget optimization.

Let’s explore how:

1. Reduced Errors

Even your most productive employees can make mistakes. No human being can refrain from making errors for a long time, and one little error can lead to big damage. What if this error is made in calculating taxes? How will you cover this up?

To avoid errors, workflow automation is your best shot. Automate repetitive tasks, such as data entry. Machines are much less likely to make errors when compared to humans.

2. Speed

We already know that workflow automation can give you faster results. With human resources, if you are expected to complete data entry in 2 days, your machine will do it in less than a day. If you are calculating numbers manually, you need more time than a machine.

So, why not leverage this benefit of machines? Workflow automation can streamline your processes in a way to improve speed and efficiency.

3. Reduced Costs

One of the major benefits of business process automation is reducing costs. You keep the same number of resources and work more. Since your employees would no longer waste time on time-consuming processes, you can use them in strategic roles. This can cut down your operational costs, improve your productivity, and also enhance employee satisfaction.

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In the long-term, automating the boring repetitive work means that your employees can work on tasks that matter for your business. This will add value to your business as this will bring efficiency, and focus that your business needs from your employees.


Everything that we have discussed saves you money and time. With no errors, your cost of covering these errors vanishes. With better speed, the time of your resources is saved. Overall, the benefits of business process automation are much more than the cost you will spend on the setup. The setup is a one-time cost with some upgrades in the future. But, manual processes require you to consistently keep adding people to your team, and even after that, your efficiency doesn’t improve.

So, what is the better option?

How to Digitize Your Business to Save Time and Money?

What are the best ways to implement workflow automation?

How can you digitize your business?

There are two optimum routes to digitize your business. Dive in and move towards business productivity and efficiency.

Hire Software Development Company

The easiest answer to the question is to use a software development company. You need a partner to help you develop IT Systems for workflow automation. This will help you get customized tools for your business, which will obviously again contribute to your productivity and efficiency.

There are some off the shelf products that you can buy from the online market if you are digitizing the standard business processes, like taxes, salary slips, HR systems etc. These systems are mostly subscription based and hosted online. The advantage of such a system is that it can be set up quickly, and disadvantage is that not all off the shelf software are customizable. If your business process has variations then off the shelf software can be a limiting factor in future. Your IT Solutions partner shall be able to analyze your process and can guide you accordingly.

Embrace Automation

After hiring a software development company, you need to prepare your staff for this transition. This is to say that nothing will change if your A-performers don’t want workflow automation.

However, you also need to understand that you need to push your employees for this change. Many will be resistant to a major shift. But, helping them adjust to workflow automation will allow you to smoothly transition and adopt digitization.

People are often afraid of automation as this might bring risk to this job, but it is not entirely true. With business processes in place, the everyday life of your employee will be improved and they can focus on bigger things that can help you grow your business.

Summing Up

Business process automation or digitization is beneficial for every business today. There’s no shortcut here. Everyone needs to adopt technology in some way to improve the speed of tasks, reduce time spent on repetitive activities, and optimize the budget.

Finding the right software development company for this task can help you reap optimum benefits. Without the right partner, you are unlikely to get a customized solution for workflow automation.

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Read our case study about how we digitized #1 European grocery store to go from paper based processes to fully automated cloud based system. Thus improving the efficiency by almost 70%. Read full case study here: From Paper to Paperless Digitized Solution

If you are thinking of reaching out to a software development company, then look no further. At Desuvit, we help customers automate business workflows and receive higher productivity and ROI. Contact us to discuss more about your project, Let us help you grow your business.

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