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Many organizations turned to digital transformation during the pre-and post-pandemic phase to optimize IT infrastructures and modernize business processes.
In addition to data analytics, automation, and orchestration, cloud computing services have become crucial for organizations.
In the 2020 State of Application Services report by F5, about a third of respondents stated they would migrate half of their applications to the cloud as they reach the end of 2020. The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has accelerated the cloud migration process.
In 2021, F5 reported about half of their respondents already accelerated to the public cloud and redistributed the workload to support their remote workforces.

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How is Building business made possible with Azure Cloud?
About 40% of Azure revenue gets directed from ISVs and start-ups, as per Microsoft. The companies are adopting Azure cloud because it is available from any provider, which encompasses SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS.
Furthermore, Azure provides cost-effective compute power and raw storage to these newly expanding companies.

5. Leveraging Big Data

You can store and analyze big volumes of data in the cloud. Thus, it expands the company’s ability to access users across the world. Now, organizations do not have to install or buy servers from time to time to support analytic workloads.
Thus, Azure can create limitless opportunities for analyzing and storing data to enable innovative thinking.

How is Leveraging data made possible with Azure Cloud?

With Azure, you can improve your organization’s analytical and business intelligence capabilities for a cost-effective and high-speed environment.

  • Creating user-friendly tools for sharing and visualizing data while identifying correlations and patterns.
  • Proving and building predictive models to deploy them in the cloud.
  • Begin the query within a minute to create a data warehouse.
  • Store and collect big data at the lowest possible cost.

6. Connect with the Internet of Things

Cloud can allow convergence of people, processes, data, and devices to function, automate operations and gain insights into the Internet of Things (IoT).
IoT helps connect real-time data with existing operational data from devices to generate automated critical business processes and powerful business insights.

For IoT, you need to follow two key capabilities:

  • Capability to ingest data from applications and devices
  • Capability to run real-time queries for data visualization while the data is being ingested.

Cloud technology helps function both the capabilities of IoT.

How is IoT made possible with Azure Cloud?
Azure Cloud addresses different phases of IoT implementation, which includes:

  • Visualize and Analyze: Generating real-time insights to execute and identify revenue-generating and cost-saving business opportunities.
  • Manage and Monitor: Creating management processes for data collection and devices
  • Store and Gather: Ingesting data in real-time from devices.
  • Configure and Connect: Connecting devices for data collection.

Final Thoughts

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, digital transformation has accelerated in the workplace. It’s imperative that organizations must move to the cloud. So, companies can accelerate the digital transformation by migrating to Azure Cloud.
It will help organizations to retain competitiveness while unlocking flexibility and resilience.

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Desuvit will help you accelerate your migration to Azure cloud without compromising the security and lessening the impact on the environment.
Contact us for more detailed information and peace of mind as our expert team is working 24/7 during the transformation.

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Some of the technologies we work with: .Net, Azure, Microservices, Azure functions(Serverless computing), React Native, Flutter, React JS, TypeScript, Angular, NServiceBus, Azure Service Bus, Azure Queues, SQL Service, MySQL, Cosmos DB, etc.

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