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Imagine being able to scale your online visibility via seamless software development.

If you had the power to hire software developers on-demand and use services to create dedicated software, websites, or applications, wouldn’t you enjoy the resultant productivity?

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Fortunately, Software Development as a Service(SDaaS) grants your wish. It is now possible for businesses to utilize SDaaS and position themselves uniquely in a tech-driven world. You can hire a software team on-demand to fulfil your business requirements.
Want to know more? Have a look at the why, when, and types of Software Development as a Service.

Why Do You Need Software Development as a Service?

First things first, you may be wondering, why do you really need SDaaS?

You can always hire an in-house developer, create a website, and manage it without any hassle.

While that is true, as a service is usually a fully managed solution. You can hire a team in place of one software developer and design a website or application with better efficiency and in the shortest possible time.

Check why you need SDaaS,

Economies of Scale

Ideally, your organization needs to create more than one software. For a single software, you can still manage with inexperienced resources and no expertise. However, eventually, you will need the expertise to offer a better user experience. Software Development as a Service model helps you achieve economies of scale, helping you focus on budget management and high-quality software development.

Meet Technology Gap

Whether you are using the cloud, DevOps, or BI, you need the expertise to suffice technology-based development. Software Development as a Service empowers your business with this knowledge. The provider has a team that understands new technologies and agile/scrum working. They are able to mitigate the technology gap


Consider a scenario where your company needs two completely different software. Your existing resource can work on one or none of these, and you now need to hire new people. The development hassle is just too much and you are thinking about what to do.

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SDaaS is a simple option that helps you work on various projects without spending more time and resources.

Cost Control

Honestly, every business needs to control costs. However, in pursuit of budget optimization, we often end up hiring people who don’t have the required experience, in place of looking for alternatives.

Software Development as a Service is a much better cost-effective option that doesn’t dent your finances or compromise the quality. If you collaborate with a robust software development company like Desuvit, you will get competitive and high-quality results.

Decreased Market Time

In-house, you may have one or two developers working on your project. At max, it may seem feasible to employ 3-4 people on one project, but not more than that.

In a software development company, many people are working on your project. Further, there’s dedicated responsibility offered to every resource. One person is writing the code, another is testing it, and so on. Many SDaaS providers also use agile models or continuous development and testing for better quality.

Needless to say, this reduces time to market. You can launch your product faster than expected.

When Do You Need To Consider Software Development as a Service?

Once you have analyzed the benefits of SDaaS, it is imperative to understand when you should consider this option. SDaaS is an amazing outsourcing solution designed to offer efficiency, agility, and robustness, but using it at the right time is the key.

Scarcity of Resources

One of the major reasons to use SDaaS is resource unavailability. When you don’t have a team, you don’t want to hire a software development resource, or your budget is not aligning, SDaaS is the best option.

Technology Gap

Another situation is when you have people for software development but they don’t specialize in a certain technology. To gain technical expertise, SDaaS may be considered. It offers a high-quality, clean, and agile product.

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Types of Software Development Companies

Every IT company offering SDaaS has different operating models and service, delivery models. It is essential to map the difference between the two,


Usually, service-based companies are the best types. They offer various services including software development, custom projects, technical consultancy, project management, etc. These companies offer services for UX, UI, QA, etc.

Service-based companies work in collaboration with your business and they offer many services. The reason why service-based companies are valuable for many businesses is that:

  • They have experienced professionals.
  • You can draw upon the expertise of subject matter experts, or receive consultancy.
  • These companies have diverse experiences. They have worked on different domains, which improves their experience in UI, UX, QA, and other important processes.


Product-based companies create products that cater to business requirements. You will realize that these companies create products for both B2B and B2C customers. For example, Google is a product-based company. They make out-of-the-box products for users, but these may have licensing and cost limitations.

For example, Google creates software products that can be used for different processes inside a workplace. However, although you can customize these solutions to some extent, there are always limitations. You are restricted by some guidelines, which may keep you from reaping maximum benefit from product-based solutions.

Which One Should You Choose?

If your requirements are specific, then product-based companies can help you. These companies already have pre-designed software like QuickBooks. You can use this software as is, but can’t get a new one developed.

When you require a dedicated and customized solution, you need to hire a service-based company. Most times, businesses hire a service-based company as it offers flexibility and efficiency. They help you design the exact product with high quality.

However, this is not to say that product-based companies can’t help you. Many popular software applications are helpful in business operations, such as QuickBooks. No one would want to leave behind QuickBooks and design their own accounting software.
Hence, it is a matter of your requirements. Evaluate business needs to make the right decision.

Software Development as a Service Helps You Focus

As your small or medium organization grows, your requirements for software development also increases. This means that with time, your IT team will have more and more responsibilities. There will arrive a point where you may need to delegate some of these responsibilities to non-IT members or hire more members in the team. If you obligate non-IT members to test the website or complete other tasks, they may not be able to focus on core operations. If you hire more people, your budget will suffer, which will leave less money for the core function.

In both situations, your focus from the core business function will shift. Using Software Development as a Service mitigates this problem.

  • You get a managed solution where the service provider handles the growing and dynamic demands of your business.
  • You don’t need to deviate from the core business function to improve digital presence and brand visibility.


Software Development as a Service is an innovatively curated solution that fuels business growth. In the growth years of the business, it is crucial to improve brand visibility on the internet, but it is also equally important to optimize your budget and focus on core functions. When software development is completed in-house both the requirements are not met. Therefore, using SDaaS is an optimum solution. It offers agility, better technology implementation, and software quality.

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Desuvit is a Norway-born software development company delivering Custom Software Development, Mobile Apps, and Web Applications Development for various verticals and business domains. We offer end-to-end solutions for companies with no software or IT division, Startups, and companies that need to scale their software development efforts but lack the expertise required. We help our clients in growing their businesses so we can grow with them.

Some of the technologies we work with: .Net, Azure, Microservices, Azure functions(Serverless computing), React Native, Flutter, React JS, TypeScript, Angular, NServiceBus, Azure Service Bus, Azure Queues, SQL Service, MySQL, Cosmos DB, etc.

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