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We have heard too many times that there’s a perfect tool for every type of work.

If you want to manage accounting functions, you will use QuickBooks. If you have to design a graphic, you need to use Adobe Photoshop.

Similarly, for each web development project, there’s the right programming language.

In this article, we have discussed our favourite programming languages. Every language in the list has some amazing features, which will help you find out the right programming language for your web development project.

7 Best Programming Languages for Web Development

While it is true that we can find the right tool for the right type of development, identifying one perfect programming language for every type of project is not possible. Every programming language discussed below has different features suitable for various case scenarios.

Let’s see some of the best programming languages,

1. JavaScript

Did you know that JavaScript is used in more than 97% of websites?

Today, JavaScript is one of the best programming languages for web development. It is widely popular amongst programmers, and it allows the creation of backend as well as frontend of web applications. In fact, you can even create mobile applications with it.

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Although it is believed that JavaScript is a strong programming language because it has the ability to run on the server via Nodejs or browser, its libraries and frameworks for mobile and web development are its prominent features.

2. Python

After JavaScript, Python is another prominent programming language that is currently gaining popularity. However, this programming language is not really new. It has been in the industry for decades and since its inception, python has been one of the most versatile languages for development.

Developers use python for data science, web development, automation, scripting, etc. Python is also backed by a huge community, and you can easily find various frameworks and libraries for web application development.

If anybody is learning to program, python is an optimum way to start your career.

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3. Ruby

Ruby is also a great programming language for web development. Fortunately, like Python and PHP, Ruby is made for beginners. It is simpler to learn this language first and venture deep into web development later.

The Unique Selling Point (USP) of Ruby is definitely its framework Ruby on Rails, which is the framework behind Shopify, Github, Groupon, Airbnb, and GoodReads.

In Ruby on Rails, Rails is actually an MVC (Model View Controller) framework that offers default database structure, web pages, and a web service. It facilitates the utilization of XML and JSON for data transfer and JavaScript, CSS, and HTML for UI.

4. TypeScript

TypeScript has surged ahead of PHP, C#, and C++ to become the fourth most used and popular language on Github.

TypeScript is a modern language in our list for web development. TypeScript is not really popular but it is beneficial. It includes type-safety in our JavaScript code, due to which you can catch type-related code errors in JavaScript at the time of development.

With TypeScript, it is hassle-free to create object-oriented code for JavaScript. To add to this feature, there are multiple in-built tools for debugging that make web development a notch easier.

5. C#

C# is an object-oriented language that is built on C. Originally, C# was designed with a .NET framework by Microsoft.

The syntax of this programming language is similar to other C languages or object-oriented languages, which means you can use or learn this language without any difficulty.

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C# is commonly used for Microsoft app development and mobile development of cross-platform apps.

Further, programmers who are interested in developing Virtual Reality (VR) apps and programs should learn C#, as it is known for 2D and 3D video game developments.

6. Dart

Dart became the fastest-growing programming language around the year 2019.

Dart was first released by Google almost a decade back. It has gained popularity ever since due to its user-oriented nature of focusing on user interfaces. It offers excellent performance on different devices and platforms.

Usually, Dart is used in collaboration with Flutter, which is a widely-known Google toolkit for creating user-friendly and beautiful mobile and web apps.

7. PHP

Our final and important choice is PHP. Everyone knows about PHP website development and it is even easier to start a programming career with PHP. This is a server-side language that is dynamic and helps create functional applications. If you look at it, then half of the websites on the internet are using PHP.

Regardless of popular belief, PHP is still a valuable language when you have to create a fully functional and robust website. If you wish to make a website using the MVC pattern, you can use PHP’s framework Laravel.


It is no surprise that JavaScript is currently the king of development. However, other programming languages like Python, Ruby, PHP, etc. are equally competent and valuable for different types of applications. Identify your project requirements and then select the right programming language.

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