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Mobile app development is a monumental task in itself. However, the obstacles don’t just end after you are done creating the app. Your work begins here, and suddenly, you are burdened with a large number of things to worry about.

One of the most important things that a mobile app development company needs to worry about is user retention. It is the number of people who stick around and use your app after it is launched.

Initially, you will notice that a large number of people download your app and use it. However, you will also experience a rapid decline in this number as the weeks pass you by. Studies show that most apps have a 30-day retention rate of 42%.

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So, you retain 42% of the total users you had when you first launched your app. Similarly, this number reduces to 25% once you hit the 90-day mark. However, there are ways to make your app stand out among the masses.

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Continue reading to find out more about how you can ensure more excellent app retention for your mobile application.

5 Ways You Can Improve Your Mobile App Retention

Here are a few tips that app development companies must practice to ensure their apps perform well after launch!

1.    Data Tracking Is Crucial

One of the most important things that you need to do is track your data. You need to know how people react to your app and what their course of action is. The best way to record this data is through cohort analysis.

You can get a varying group of people who are most likely to use your app. Then make a note of how they use the app. It would be best if you track when and how they delete your app too. You can narrow down why they deleted your application and work around these issues.

Here is a list of tools that will come in handy in the process:

  • Firebase – Google’s mobile analytics tool for building quality apps
  • UXCam – Helps you understand user behavior for improving your apps’ KPIs
  • Mixpanel – Enables you to track user interactions with custom reports

Most mobile app development services overlook this aspect, and then it comes back to haunt them later. Make sure you do your research well and have enough data with you for reference in the future.

2.    What Is Your App’s First Impression On People?

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When it comes to mobile app development, the first impression the app has on people is significant. This first impression is known as onboarding in technical terms, and you need to understand it to make your app a crowd favorite!

Onboarding is what your user first sees when he opens your app. It is usually of 3 different types. They are:

  • Benefit-oriented onboarding – You show the user the best of what your app has got. The users need to see how they will benefit from your app, and by opting for benefit-oriented onboarding, you are showing them precisely that.
  • Function-oriented onboarding – If you have many functions on your app, you can try this type of onboarding and make sure your users learn more about the features of the app.
  • Progressive onboarding – In this, you show your users the features of your application in stages, not all at once.

You need to know what to show to your users when they open your app to get them hooked. Having a complex interface will frustrate your users. So, mobile app development services need to make sure they understand their target audience and their psychology well.

3.    Tailor-Made Experiences For Your Users

This is a fool-proof way to make your app more likable among your users. It would be best if you worked hard on making your application’s features more personalized. People like things that are customized for them.

If your app has features that make your users feel special and unique, you are good to go. This is a crucial aspect of mobile app development services. It will not only help you retain users on your app, but it will also build customer loyalty!

You can focus on both static and dynamic factors of the app to personalize it for the user. For static features, you can display your user’s username on the notification bar. On the other hand, you can keep a record of their search or shopping history for dynamic elements. Further, you can give them suggestions based on that!

4.   Push Notifications Are Your Saving Grace

Push notifications are either a hit or a miss when it comes to mobile app development. These notifications are handy for people as they send them constant reminders about your app when they are not using it.

The same notifications can become annoying if they are consistent and useless. It would be best to make sure that the push notifications on your app are relevant and provoke people to open your app and use it.

You can have various types of push notifications depending on how your app works. A mobile app development company needs to focus on minor details like what goes on in the push notifications to make the app likable.

5.  Have A Game On Your App

Now, this may sound like a long shot if you have a shopping app or a trading application. However, having games or features similar to games is a great way to increase your app retention.

Studies conducted by Apptentive show that games on applications are a hit among users. Any app with a game on it has a chance of retaining about 36% of its users. That is an impressive figure for applications that are just launched. Even big-ticket companies like Amazon have followed this strategy by including games like a lucky spin wheel for its users.

You may need to get creative with the way you include game-like features in your app. You could have a point system or a level system for your users. People who consistently use your application keep leveling up and progressing.

Further, you can reward them with more features or vouchers once they reach a particular stage. This way, you will get them hooked onto your app by giving them incentives for their average usage!

To Conclude With

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Mobile app development software is very intricate and detailed. You need to put your heart and soul into it to make sure people enjoy using it. Additionally, you need to keep working and updating your app continually.

Once you figure out how to rectify your mistakes, your app will keep getting better, and it will attract more users. So, retain the ones you already have by using the tips mentioned above and find newer ones, too.

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