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If you’re a developer, chances are you’ve come across Flutter at some point or the other. Google’s open-source mobile UI framework for creating desktop, mobile, and web applications with a single codebase. It is a complete software development kit (SDK).

A library is essentially a collection of subprograms used in the software development process. Libraries contain data and ancillary codes that offer standalone program services. They allow modular sharing and modification of data and code.

Let us look at the top 10 Flutter libraries that every developer should know about. These libraries will make developing your projects more convenient.

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Best Libraries in Flutter

Here are the best libraries in Flutter that can help you jumpstart your application development projects.


Provider works as a cover around Inherited Widget for state management. It allows you to store a state object within the widget tree, making it accessible from any other widget that descends from it.

  • It Initializes the state object with data and cleans up when the object is removed from the widget tree.
  • It Increases the lifespan of state objects
  • Can be used for passing data into widgets

URL Launcher 

URL Launcher allows you to add a plugin to every page. It helps in opening a given URL via predefined schemes that perform various functions in mobile applications. It supports different URL schemes, such as mailto, HTTP, SMS, and many more.

  • Supports both Android and iOS
  • The codes help to operate the page through a programming language
  • Helpful when you want the OS to handle the URL

FL Chart

FL Chart is an excellent library for drawing graphs in Flutter. It is a unique path of the graphic outcome. There are many different designs and patterns to create graphs or charts that assist in finding the documents quickly in the section.

  • It works as an index to the software that will lead the user to the file they are looking for
  • Graphics are easy to design and operate
  • Ideal for data-intensive apps


GetIt is an extremely useful and popular library for Flutter. It inverts the dependency injection pattern as well as control container implementation. Moreover, it is essential to follow a fixed style pattern and repeatedly run through the same package to make it unique.

  • Professional tool with a proper format
  • Commonly used to access service objects like REST API clients, databases

Path Provider

In order to look for a file in an Android or iOS system, there are certain path providers. Path provider is a helpful plugin in finding frequently used locations on the filesystem. Path providers navigate you towards the correct data with keywords or categories.

  • Easy coding for developers
  • Supports internal as well as external storage
  • Seamless process to get the directories you want

Intro Slider

The introduction to any website or application helps in establishing an impactful impression. Intro Slider is an interesting plugin that enables you to make exciting introductions for projects. It helps in speeding up the design and development process of the introductory section.

  • Helps in building appealing introductions
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Comes with multiple animations and patterns

Local Auth

Local Auth is commonly used in mobile phones, typically on Android and iOS devices. It offers the means to perform local and on-device authentication. It helps authenticate biometric information such as fingerprints and faces.

  • It can be used to unlock mobile phones
  • Beneficial to secure the app and data


RxDart extends the capabilities of Stream and StreamControllers. RxDart is a unique reactive functional programming library. Google Dart features a Streams API, that Rx Dart adds functionality. It does so with the help of the reactive extensions specification on it. It offers multiple additional Stream classes, subjects, and operators.

  • It is based on Reactive X.
  • Provides alternative API to add ExDart functionality.

Cached Network Image

Cached Network Image library is used to display images from the web and store them in the cache. It can be used directly or through ImageProvider. It comes with many different customization options that you can start using without much hassle.

  • Can be used with placeholder and error widgets
  • Saves the information in the browsing device and history
  • Highly recommended for eCommerce and other such platforms

Font Awesome Flutter

Font Awesome Flutter is an interesting plugin with plenty of icons that you can use in the application. Each icon represents a specific function that makes the application more efficient.

  • Makes application development easy and user-friendly
  • Some icons are exclusively crafted for a particular operating system

Benefits of Using Flutter

Flutter is an excellent collection of tools that helps significantly in developing applications. It includes tools to compile a code into native machine code for mobile devices. It also has a collection of reusable UI elements that you can personalize.

If you’re looking for reasons to start using Flutter, we have listed a few here. For detailed pros and cons of Flutter in mobile development, refer to our previous blog here.

Increases Productivity

Flutter makes the application development process pretty quick. Developers can change their codes and observe changes in real-time. It takes very little time to update the application once the changes to the code get saved.

Easy to Learn and Use

The framework of Flutter is pretty modern. It simplifies the creation of mobile applications. In comparison with Java or Swift, it is very different and straightforward. Developers can create a native application without too much coding.

Proper Documentation

If you examine Flutter’s documentation, you will find that each aspect has been detailed, along with simple examples. Most issues that a developer may encounter while working with Flutter can be solved with the help of documentation.

Reduces Costs

Using Flutter reduces your costs since it is comparatively cheaper to develop an application with Flutter than creating and maintaining separate applications for Android and iOS. The reduced prices do not indicate bad quality. In fact, most people will not be able to differentiate between a native application and a Flutter app.

Closing Thoughts

These libraries in Flutter are incredibly beneficial and can revolutionize the way you work. They make the job so much more convenient.

If you’re a budding developer looking for expert help, Desuvit is here for you. Reach out to us for any assistance with IT issues related to Flutter or just web development in general!

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